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(The International Standard Book Number)   
The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a numeric commercial book identifier that is intended to be unique. It is unique for each publication and is important for book publications, sales, statistical and bibliographic data preservation, as well as information coordination in the library sector. Examples of publications receiving ISBNs: printed books and pamphlets, braille publications, maps, electronic media publications and online publications, digitized copies of individual publications, micropublications, combined publications where the main component is the text. The ISBN system has been operating in Armenia since 1998. from January.



(International Standard Number for Music (Notated) Publications) 
The International Standard Music Number (ISMN) is a unique identifier for notated music. Each separately available constituent part of a publication is assigned its own ISMN. Vocal scores, etudes, collections of musical role songs, selections, notated music collections, Braille music publications, and electronic music publications are among the materials that receive ISMN numbers. ISMN is not intended for cassettes or videotapes. ISMN is also not applicable to identifying music-related books. Armenian office signed an agreement with ISMN international agency in 2002. in August.                                                        

  • For information and guidance on ISMNs, application completion, and submission procedures, please call 010 52 98 14.
  • You can view the sample of publication indexing application below.




(International Standard Serial Number)   
The ISSN uniquely identifies a periodical or continuing publications regardless of the time of publication and the form of issue. A periodical is a publication consisting of consecutive separate parts, issued for an indefinite period of time. ISSN can be assigned to bibliographic series and continuously updated documents. An ISSN is not given to promotional materials, online journals or personal pages, or websites consisting from only links. ISSN System was implemented in Armenia since January 2004.

  • For information and guidance on ISBNs, application completion, and submission procedures, please call 010 52 98 14.



(digital object identifier)    
In October 2020, in order to implement the DOI system in Armenia, the National Library of Armenia signed an agreement with the CrossRef company. DOI is a digital object numbering system that supports the process of material identification, content and metadata management and greatly facilitates the search and citation of scientific materials.

The importance of DOI for publishers and authors:

  • increasing the reputation of authors and publishers,
  • facilitating the process of inclusion in the leading scientific bibliographic databases of the world,
  • protection of intellectual property rights,
  • the standard is accepted by all the leading publishers.

Benefits of DOI number for users:

  • sources used are reliable,
  • materials are discovered in a short time,
  • references are compiled with accurate references.


  • For information and guidance on DOIs, application completion, and submission procedures, please call 010 52 98 14.