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The National Library of Armenia (NLA) is the world’s largest repository of Armenian printed heritage and the center of the national bibliography. As a scientific, cultural, and information institute, the Library creates the necessary conditions for collecting, processing, preserving, and disseminating Armenian cultural heritage.       

The Library cooperates with numerous national and leading libraries worldwide. Its collection is annually replenished with copies of world literature through international book-sharing partnerships. The Library also cooperates with embassies operating in Armenia, international organizations, and representatives of the Armenian diaspora, thereby contributing to the spread of Armenian cultural heritage throughout the world.      

Our mission is to:

  • become an integral part of the country's progress in information policy, culture, education, science, and economy;
  • be an area of knowledge, an environment that creates value for the society of Armenia;
  • be a client-oriented institution;
  • be an accessible national institution, that contributes to the implementation of the country's innovation policy, strengthens its compatibility and forms knowledge-based society;
  • promote the national cultural heritage, support the diversity of cultural content and services;
  • improve legal and technological conditions to make information more accessible.