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The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Armenia has launched the program Armenian Literature in Translations for foreign publishing houses interested in translating and publishing Armenian literature. 

The Armenian Literature in Translations program aims to ensure that the best of Armenian prose, poetry, drama, journalism and children's literature is accessible to readers around the world. The Program provides financial support to cover translation costs. Priority is given to direct translations, nevertheless, intermediary translations can also be supported. 

  • Application period: the Publisher can apply from January 1 to August 31 of the given year.  
  • Selection of applications: by December 31 of the given year  
  • Subcontracting selected applicants: March of the following year  
  • The full funding will be provided after the publication of the book and submission of twenty copies of the book to "National Library of Armenia" SNCO to the following address: 72, Teryan Street, 0009 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia  
  • Please send the application form and all the required documents to [email protected]   and write Armenian Literature in Translations 2024   (given year) in the subject field.  


In case of further inquiries, contact us via        
+37460623513/124 |   [email protected]  


       List of Required Documents (in English):     

  • Application form (signed and sealed)     
  • The translator’s CV with list of translations 
  • Translation sample of 5 pages  
  • Detailed budget of the project (signed and/or sealed by the CEO on the company’s official letterhead). The budget must be provided in accordance with the publishing market prices of the target country. In case of overestimated budget, the project will be discarded.   
  • In case of co-funding, approval letter from the relevant organization on the co-funding (indicating amount and category of expenses)  
  • Copy of the contract with the translator  
  • Copy of the copyright contract  
  • Documents certifying the legal status of the publisher (non-official English translation is acceptable)  
  • Letter of commitment to publish the work within the stated period of time (18 months after the approval of the publication)  
  • In case of anthology, the full list of the authors and titles included in the publication   
  • Publisher’s recent catalogues (link or PDF)