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The interns of Valery Brusov State University conducted their internship at the National Library of Armenia

May 22, 2024 Events


From March 11 to April 23, the second group of interns of the Valery Bryusov State University — a group of fifth-year students from the Department of Russian Philology of the Linguistics and Pedagogy Faculty — attended a pre-graduate internship program at the National Library of Armenia. From the National Library of Armenia, the head of the Department of Bibliography and Librarianship, Mher Ghazinyan, conducted the internship.

mher mij.

Students pre-registered as readers at the library and received library cards. Mher Ghazinyan introduced the mission, main functions and other related features of the work of the National Library of Armenia. Students got acquainted with the work of library departments. During the internship, students completed various practical tasks, for example, they prepared a report on Russian literature in the collections of the National Library of Armenia.


The National Library of Armenia cooperates with various universities of the Republic of Armenia. As a part of the cooperation, students received helpful knowledge about libraries, the history of Armenian books and periodicals, bibliography, digitization, etc.