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We invite all interested specialists to submit articles for the scientific methodical journal "Banber Libraries of Armenia"

Mar 27, 2024 News


We are seeking articles for the scientific and methodological journal Bulletin of Armenian Libraries from specialists in library and information sciences, sociologists, philologists, art historians, and other professionals interested in library and bibliographic issues.

To have your materials published in the journal, please ensure they are submitted before March 31, 2024, to the email address [email protected]. Authors are required to adhere to the formatting guidelines for articles and reports, which can be found here: .

The main goal of the Bulletin of Armenian Libraries magazine is to present the development of modern library work, industry problems, international experiences and formats, library management systems, and industry news. Articles and programs are accompanied by trilingual annotations. Articles have digital object identifiers (DOIs), which allow specialists to publish the results of their research and attract attention to published materials.