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The 2017-2024 issues of the "Araks" electronic periodical are already available in the “I Press" database

Jun 12, 2024 News Donations


Periodicals are the main source of information about the life of Armenians around the world, about Armenian creative people. To date, more than 6,000 periodicals have been published in the world, half of them in different countries. In the era of digital technologies, periodicals with Armenian content appear, not always in the Armenian language.

One such periodical is the electronic magazine “Araks”, published by the Armenian Student Union “Gladzor” of Utrecht, Holland, the issues of which for 2017-2024 are already available in the “I Press” database. The illustrated electronic magazine "Araks" is published by students in Dutch. Sometimes there are materials of an Armenian educational nature.

2017 in the November issue there is some information about Matteos Tsaretsi, who in 1661 on January 3, he printed the first Armenian pamphlet in Amsterdam entitled Son Jesus.You can learn about the activities of the Armenian Student Union “Gladzor” on their website in English and Dutch: