Art and Music-Notes Literature Department 

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Art books and non-book publications department is specialized structural unit of the National Library of Armenia. The department carries out service of cultural workers, as well as mapping specialists, teachers, students and people interested in art. Contributes to the universities in Armenia, particularly architectural, increasing the effectiveness of vocational education students studying art departments and state pedagogical universities. Provides to the readers national and foreign printing products without restrictions, in accordance with their needs.

Division is done in all the arts of literature and cartographic materials on library bibliographic processes partial replenishment, processing, catalogs and files within the preservation and maintenance funds.



During the year the Department organizes events, art, literature reviews, book presentations. Department's fund by 1 January 2016. amounted to 216,706 books, of which 52,676 volumes of books, reference books 418 units, 11,143 units magazines, 152,469 units of non-book edition.

Department’s given literature lists and catalogs are.

• Reading class Catalogue

• Order a service Catalogue

• Alphabetical Main Catalogue

• Cartographic materials in alphabetical order and Catalogue 

• Originals Catalogue

• Photographs Catalogue

• Photo chronics in alphabetical order and Catalogue • Reprints alphabetical Catalogue • Calendar chronological order and Catalogue

• Postcard, alphabetical order and Catalogue

• Catalogue of invitations and envelopes

• Posters class Catalogue

• Coins, library card stamps Catalogue

• Reference Literature Catalogue

• Categories Arts Literature Catalogue

• Course Catalogue

• Contemporary artists Catalogue

• Catalogue of Armenian book's designers

    Art and Music-Notes Literature Department 



    Art and Music-Notes Literature Department is one of the specialized subsections of National Library, where activities and services are organized on the basis of Department's funds. As a separate subsection is formed in 1928 on Armenian musicologist Barsegh Ghorghanyani initiative. Thanks to his immediate efforts the musical literature is distinguished from the general fund, aiming to create a special music Department of the Library, which should to carry out all activities related to the works of all music publications, processing, service and replenishment of the special form. Into this format, the Music Department of National Library was the first in the Republic of Armenia. The main part of the Department’s collection consists of musical literature, note-written materials, periodical publications, electronic media (record, cassettes, CDs), reference materials in different languages.


    Initially, the fund totaled 14.000 units of note literature. Now the Department's collection includes 128,546 units of literature. Here is preserved Mashtots’s, G. Narekatsi’s N. Shnorhali’s and other eminent statesmen spiritual musical heritage. In the music library is a special electronic media (record, cassettes, CDs) rich fund, which is replenished unceasing. The department has prepared and published the following bibliographies of prominent composers:

    1. Christapor Kara-Murza. Briefly

    bibliography / Cover. N. A. TEYMURAZYAN. - Yerevan, 1956.

    2. Makar Yekmalyan. Brief bibliography /

    Cover. N. A. TEYMURAZYAN. - Yerevan, 1959.

    3. Tigran Chukhajyan. Bibliography /

    Cover. N. A. TEYMURAZYAN Z. Semyonova. - Yerevan, 1964.

    4. Komitas: Bibliographic Collection /

    Cover. R. Ghazaryan.- Yerevan, 2009.

    5. Tigran Mansuryan.

    Bibliography / Cover. R. Tumasyan A. Vardanyan. - Yerevan, 2014.

    As the result of cooperation with overseas organizations and individuals the notes collection is supplemented by a valuable collection of books, while creating ample opportunities to learn the various art works of Armenian and world music. The valuable acquirements are donations of Ara Ghazaryants, Gia Ayvazyan, Levon Hakobyan, Lilya Grigoryan, Anush Grigoryan, Nubar Aslanyan and others. The Department has established close relations with Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory, Music Science Library, with music schools in the capital.


    Organized thematic and anniversary exhibitions, meetings with artists, musical and bibliographic reviews, provided literature for exhibitions. Readers can use various catalogs reflecting the Departmnet’s  funds. They are provided with hearing devices, as well as piano. Contemporary library can give to the reader a broad means for  study materials. For this purpose Department began works to create electronic catalogs. Team creates, maintains and passports catalogs.

    Art and Music-Notes Literature Department catalogs are:

    1. Alphabetical catalogue of Armenian books

    2. Armenian note literature alphabetical and order catalogs

    3. Spiritual literature alphabetically catalogue

    4. The volume- note literature alphabetical catalogue

    5. Foreign-language literature alphabetically catalogue

    6. Foreign language (Russian and other languages) note literature alphabetical and order catalogue

    7. Magazines and newspapers alphabetically catalogue

    8. Small items alphabetically catalogue

    9. Electronic media (CD, record cassettes) alphabetically catalogue.