Dear colleagues,

The National Library of Armenia is honored to invite you to the international conference “Heritage
Preservation for a Sustainable Future” dedicated to the 510th anniversary of Armenian printing.

The conference aims to unite the field’s leading and young professionals from around the world, serving
as a platform for the exchange of international library experience, discussion of current library issues,
innovative presentations, as well as the introduction of accepted international standards, management systems,
technologies, and theoretical and practical processes.

✓ Conference dates: September 29-October 1, 2022
✓ Location: Yerevan, Armenia
✓ Organizers: The National Library of Armenia
✓ Thematic categories:

  1. National Heritage Preservation
    ▪ Digital cultural preservation and promotion
    ▪ Armenian printing heritage preservation and promotion
    ▪ Diaspora heritage preservation and promotion
    ▪ Digital cultural memory initiatives
    ▪ Digitalization
    ▪ Digitization
    ▪ Etc.
  2. Digital Content Management
    ▪ Information management
    ▪ Information technology
    ▪ Big Data
    ▪ Open Data
    ▪ Open Access
    ▪ Open Science
    ▪ Open Educational Resources
    ▪ Open Source Software
    ▪ Digital journalism
    ▪ Content analysis and assessment
    ▪ Etc.
  3. Bibliography
    ▪ National bibliography
    ▪ Cataloguing
    ▪ Metadata
    ▪ Linked Data
    ▪ Authorities
    ▪ Etc.
  4. Library Management
    ▪ Management and marketing
    ▪ Acquisition and collection development
    ▪ Rare books and special collections
    ▪ Statistics and evaluation
    ▪ Collaboration
    ▪ Management in the time of crisis, war and disaster
    ▪ Management of library associations and consortiums
    ▪ Library buildings and equipment
    ▪ Etc.
  5. Library Services
    ▪ Document delivery and resource sharing
    ▪ Interlibrary loan
    ▪ Reference services
    ▪ Library services for multicultural societies
    ▪ Inclusive library services
    ▪ Etc.
  6. Professional Development
    ▪ Library education and professional training
    ▪ Information literacy
    ▪ Digital literacy
    ▪ Continuing professional development and workplace learning
    ▪ Etc.
  7. Preservation, Care and Restoration of Documents
    8. Copyright and Other Legal Matters
    9. Reading Promotion
    ▪ Literacy and reading
    ▪ Literary translation
    ▪ Audiovisuals and multimedia
    ▪ Storytelling
    ▪ Book art
    ▪ Etc.

✓ The working languages of the conference are:
● Armenian
● English
● Russian

Simultaneous translation will be provided.

To participate in the conference with a presentation (physically or remotely) please fill in the
application (see appendix 2) and send it to [email protected] by 31 May, 2022 (see appendix 1).
Travel, accommodation and other conference expenses must be covered by the participant.

All conference proceedings will be published at the expense of the National Library of Armenia.
Articles will be provided with a digital object identifier (DOI).

The Conference Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject applications that do not correspond
to the thematic categories of the conference.

A cultural program is planned for the third day of the conference to introduce participants to Armenia’s
centuries-old historical and cultural heritage.

You can find all the latest news and updates by following the conference Facebook page: Heritage Preservation for a Sustainable Future.

Looking forward to our fruitful cooperation.
Conference Organizing Committee

Appendix 1
1. Deadline to submit applications 31 May, 2022
2. Deadline for confirmation of participation 30 June, 2022
3. Deadline for article submission 15 November, 2022
4. Deadline for confirmation of article acceptance 15 December, 2022

Appendix 2 Registration form_ENG


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