Today a memorandum of was signed between the National Library of Armenia and the editorial staff of the Lebanese “Azdak” daily, ensuring a wide range of cooperation, organizing joint exhibitions, conferences, exchanging digital copies of the press, mutual visits of specialists, implementing joint digital programs, compiling “Azdak” bibliography. On the issues of involving “Azdak” editorial staff in the formation of the “Armenian Continuous Publications” database. Signing the memorandum, the director of the National Library of Armenia Anna Chulyan mentioned that the library started the cooperation with “Azdak” 6 years ago, the purpose of signing the memorandum is to make the cooperation official. The National Library is already compiling the bibliography of the daily, it is planned to publish it in 2027, the 100th anniversary of “Azdak”. According to Anna Chulyan, this will be a precedent for bringing the Diaspora Armenian press to the National Library. Shahan Kandaharian, the director and editor-in-chief of the daily, and Taron and Zareh Ter-Khachaturian, the sons of well-known Diaspora Armenian bibliographer Artashes Ter-Khachaturian, donated the entire Azdak digital archive to the National Library last year. Shahan Kandaharian emphasizes that not only all the issues of the daily published to date have been digitized, but also the appendices, which is important for every newspaper published in the Diaspora. In hot spots, where the newspaper’s digital archive is often endangered, thinking about its security is of strategic importance, and where should that archive be stored, if not in the National Library of Armenia? Shahan Kantaharian admits that in that sense, “The role of the Armenian press in the formation and preservation of the national value system. Family, Homeland, Church ”conference held on November 28-29, 2009 was a turning point in the library because there was decided to compile the bibliography of “Azdak ”, the professional work carried out in that direction in the library is appreciated. According to the editor of the daily, the compilation of “Azdak” bibliography will be of great importance, especially for researchers of the history of the Diaspora. After the signing of the memorandum, the parties congratulated each other, emphasizing that they have a long way to go together.

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