NLA Services

Main services

Customers have the opportunity to access NLA collections in the reading rooms

Special working places are provided to the customers of the library
Opportunity to receive operational information about new arrivals

Opportunity to learn about the exhibitions of the library

Information about the documents available in the library funds

Access to catalogs providing complete information about the various collections of the library

Consulting on finding and selecting various information sources

Access to the information of electronic resources “Irtek”, “Arev”, “Hakob Megapart 1, 2, 3, 4, 5”, EBSCO, Integrum World

Tours round the library


Additional (paid) services  

Provision of NLA collections literature to universities and other organizations on a contractual basis


Provision of literature through individual subscription for a certain period of time


Borrowing literature, missing in NLA collections, from other libraries by Interlibrary Loan and International Interlibrary Loan


Loan Department

mobile:  060623516
Bibliographic and reference services  
Compilation of thematic and documentary references  

Compilation of information and analytical references


Identification and verification of sources


Department of Bibliography and Scientific Research

mobile:  060623516
Book repair and binding mobile: 060623516

Printed Products Restoration Department

mobile:  060623516

Organization of exhibitions commissioned by other organizations

mobile: 060623516
Public Relations and Event Management Department mobile: 060623516