Dear librarians of the Republic of Armenia!

I cordially congratulate you on your professional holiday, Librarian’s Day!

At this difficult, crucial moment for Armenia and Artsakh, you have undertaken an important mission of continuing the strategy of preserving the treasures of the cultural heritage, thereby further strengthening the rear, which is so important for the frontline warriors.

Back in the 5th century, the father of Armenian historiography Movses Khorenatsi wrote: “The border of the braves is their weapon.” However, it is undeniable that in these days the availability of spiritual food and information are equally vital.

Dear librarians, I would like to express my gratitude for investing your strength and energy to avoid disrupting the normal rhythm of life, also for striving to be as accessible as possible to our customers in this difficult epidemic and military situation. Dressed as a soldier fighting in the battlefield of information warfare, you have undertaken the difficult mission of conveying the truth to the addressee, the local and international community.

I wish patience, courage and fortitude to our librarians, whose children, brothers and spouses have been conscripted or voluntarily left for the front to fulfill their filial duty to the Homeland. May success be the inseparable companion for all our soldiers! God bless Armenia, Artsakh and the invincible Armenian army!

We will win!

Anna Chulyan, director of the National Library of Armenia

Photo from Anna Chulyan’s Facebook Page


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