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Director: Gevorg Harutiunyan

Tel.: /37410/ 52 75 95

Deputy director: Hasmik Safaryan

Tel.: /37410/ 56 41 65, 52 75 95

Scientific secretary:

Tel.: /37410/ 52 83 15

Chief accountant: Margarita Hovhannisyan

Tel.:/37410/ 58 35 74


Department of Preliminary Registration of Publications

Head of Department: Christine Matevosyan

Tel.: /37410/ 52 98 14

The department performs the preliminary registration of books published in Armenia, the assignment of publishers’ imprint data, as well as organizes and handles the works of ISBN (International Standard Book Number), ISMN (Internaional Standard Music Number) National agencies and ISSN (Intenational Standard Serial Number) National centre.

Department of Reception of Publications and Statistics

Head of Department: Maya Hayrapetyan

Tel.: /37410/ 52 83 15

The department carries out the reception of free deposits of printed products (books, thesis abstracts, illustrative publications, notated music publications, maps, magazines, newspapers, minor printings) from the publishers operating in Armenia and the Diaspora, as well as the state registration and statistical calculation of publications. It forms and prepares for publishing “The Publications in Armenia” annual statistical collections, provides the users with statistical references about Armenian publications.

Department of Preservation of Inviolable Deposited Fund and Cataloguing

Head of Department: Hripsime Mikayelyan

Tel.: /37410/ 52 03 75

The department fulfils the activity of registration, calculation and preservation of periodical and non-periodical publications and other kinds of printed materials published in Armenia and the Diaspora, as well as the replenishment of catalogues with the cards describing newly printed publications according to the alphabetical, inventory and schematic order or publisher’s data.

Department of Current Bibliography

Head of Department: Naira Stepanyan

Tel.: (+37410) 58 35 74

The department handles the bibliographic description of current publications issued both in Armenia and the Diaspora. It also monthly composes and publishes the National current bibliographic lists titled “The Annals of Armenian Publications”, which include:
“Book Annals”
“Annals of Thesis abstracts”
“Annals of Fine Arts”
“Annals of Notated Music Publications”
“Annals of Reviews”
“Annals of Newspaper Articles”
“Annals of Magazine Articles”
“Annals of Diaspora’s Press”
“Annals of Maps” etc.

Department of Retrospective Bibliography

Head of Department: Marina Hakobjanyan

Tel.: 37410 52 94 53

The department composes and publishes the bibliographic lists of books issued in Armenia beginning from 1920, each one for the period of 10 years and also other thematic collections of national retrospective bibliography. Since now 9 volumes of retrospective bibliographic lists were issued. The first one was titled “The Book in Soviet Armenia” and then “The Book in the Republic of Armenia”. In the sphere of retrospective bibliography the National Book Chamber also issued 3 volumes of thesis abstracts defended in Armenia during the period of 1935-2003.

Department of Automatization
and Computation

Head of Department: Tsovinar Gevorgyan

Tel.: /37410/56 41 65

The department participates in the creation of National bibliographic database within the scope of the libraries united automated network program. The bibliographic data of newly received books, periodicals and thesis abstracts which are available in the funds of National Book Chamber of Armenia are registered in the database.

Department of Creation and Preservation of Armenian Computer Fonts

Head of Department: Edik Ghabuzyan

Tel.: /37410/ 51 98 91

The goals of the department are: study the history of Armenian script art, the structural and stylistic peculiarities of fonts; discover ancient letters of cultural value and digitize them; study modern Armenian fonts; design and digitize new Armenian fonts. Every year the department organizes an international competition of computer fonts under the state support and the initiative of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia. The aim of the competition is to support the development of font art and mainly the traditional and new Armenian font arts, as well as make them internationally known. It is also aimed at protecting the font makers’ copyright, enforcing cultural bonds and cooperation between the Armenian and foreign font makers, developing digital technologies and means of electronic communication, digitizing and use of traditional fonts and finally designing and digitizing of new fonts. Since now competitions “Granshan 2008”, “Granshan 2009”, “Granshan 2010”, “Granshan 2011”, “Granshan 2012”, “Granshan 2013”, “Granshan 2014” and “Granshan 2015” have already taken place. For detailed information about the competitions visit ;


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