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“National Book Chamber of Armenia” State Non-Comercial Organization (SNCO) is the preservation center of national bibliography, press bibliographic information and statistics, sociological investigations, centalized cataloguing, as well as the preservation center of Pan-Armenian inviolable national deposited fund of printed productions in the Republic. The Book Chamber has been founded in 1922 and it has an inviolable archive collection containing more than one million pieces of publications (books, newspapers, magazines, music, fine arts albums, maps, conference materials, posters, programs and invitation cards of theatrical and cultural events, etc.) issued since 1920 both in the Republic and Diaspora.
The fund of Book Chamber arises by receiving free legal deposits of printed press, literature and other kinds of publications from the publishers in the Republic and by the voluntary donations from Diaspora.
ISBN (International Standard Book Number), ISMN (International Standard Music Number) National Agencies and ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) National Center are all situated in the Book Chamber as well.

Established by the Regulations of the organization, National Book Chamber of Armenia accomplishes the following functions according to the scope of its activity:

1. to collect, handle, register, calculate and preserve all sorts of Armenian publications being issued all over the world, as well as the materials about Armenia and Armenians published in foreign press;

2. to create national (current and retrospective) bibliography, to prepare bibliographic current lists of various types of publications issued both in the Republic of Armenia and in Diaspora, including lists of articles on Armenia “The Annals of Armenian Publications” issued monthly (12 issues a year), as well as to compose, publish and distribute other (current and retrospective) bibliographic lists and collections in order to provide libraries, educational and scientific centers and users with bibliographic information and with the purpose of creation and replenishment of state resources of bibliographic data;

3. to prepare and publish annual statistics on press and literature issued in the Republic of Armenia;

4. to co-operate with appropriate international organizations to introduce and arrange the works of international standard numeration system of books, notated publications, periodicals, as well as other systems related to this sphere;

5. to manage and control works of ISBN, ISMN, ISSN systems of Armenian national agencies in accordance with the Regulations, work schemes and mutually signed agreements with ISBN (International Standard Book Number), ISMN (International Standard Music Number) agencies and ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) centre: To carry out the registration of publications, legal and physical entities in ISBN, ISMN, ISSN and other systems based on their applications, to assign appropriate identifiers to differentiate publishers and their publications and calculate their ISBNs. To provide the publishers with technical and professional consultation and support during the usage of international standards. To maintain the lists of documentary and bibligraphic data of publishing houses operating in Armenia and information on periodicals and non-periodicals printed by them, to transmit the lists to the international centres concerned for handling the data entries in the relevant databases as well as for publisizing them;

6. For the reasons of work promotion in publishing sphere, to support in formatting publications in the last level of editorial-publishing process based on publisher’s applications and using the system of preliminary registration of publications, to ensure the conformity of a bibliographical classification entry and publication data with international standards, as well to assign appropriate identifiers for separate books, etc.

7. Beginning from 2007, the Book Chamber has been accomplishing a new, essentially important program aiming at the further development of Armenian culture. It is the program of creation, digitization and preservation of the Armenian fonts. The goals of the department are to study the history of Armenian script art, the structural and stylistic peculiarities of fonts, discover ancient letters of cultural value and digitize them, study modern Armenian fonts, design and digitize new Armenian fonts.

The National Book Chamber of Armenia is one of the members of Armenian Libraries Consortium founded in 2001. In co-operation with other Consortium members (other Armenian major libraries), the Book Chamber participates in the creation program of the united automated network of libraries within the framework of which it implements the development of the National electronic bibliographic database. The Book Chamber has registered the bibliographic data of all the publications printed both in Armenia and the Diaspora since 1920 till today. For more information visit .

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